A Passover


Of all of the Jewish holidays, Pesach takes the most physical preparation.  It’s common for people to start Pesach cleaning at least a month before the holiday begins, if not earlier.  So if you can only take one vacation, Pesach is definitely the one to choose.  Sell your chometz, lock your house, and check in at your favorite Elite Kosher Events Pesach destination.  It’s just that easy!!


Hotel Palazzo Naiadi

For its majesty, Palazzo Naiadi exceeds the simple definition of a 5-Star Luxury Hotel. The hotel is perfectly located in the center of Rome, on the curve of Piazza Repubblica. History is everywhere, but so is the fun of being alive in Rome – and we want you to enjoy it.


The Four Seasons Florence Hotel

The magnificent Five-Star Four Seasons Hotel Florence is truly one of the most spectacular hotels in the world. Florence is one of the world’s oldest and most beautiful cities in Europe.